Don’t Ignore the Sustainability Impacts of Your IT Infrastructure

I came across this interesting article discussing the numerous yet often overlooked sustainability aspects of managing both internal and outsourced corporate IT infrastructure. It is something IT managers likely don’t spend a lot of time considering, understandably focusing instead on data management & protection, cyber defense, operational redundancy, etc.  But if firms are to make real progress in achieving their net-zero objectives, this will have to move up their priority list.

Lots to chew on here, particularly given the rapidly evolving sustainability reporting landscape – recall we’re now two days into Europe’s mandatory CSRD requirements (relevant to most companies with material operations in Europe). One thing that stood out for me … the article suggests only 1/3 of IT managers currently track the “work per energy” performance metric. That will have to change.

Hurdles to progress include staff time and other costs associated with the effort to reduce overall energy consumption. Beyond that, many IT managers are reluctant to deploy power-aware workload management tools for fear of impacting the reliability of their IT operations. As with the C-Suite, the implementation of a successful sustainability strategy within the IT group will require revisions to the leaders’ performance criteria, offering incentives (and penalties?) tied to the achievement of sustainability-related objectives.

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