All That Glitters Is Not … Green

As is typically the case for the rest of our world’s problems, there is no single magic bullet solution to address climate change.  Tackling this complex issue will require thousands of different approaches by individuals, companies, industry associations, and governments of all stripes.  And real property will be one of the most important focus areas for climate solutions going forward.  Many opportunities exist both in making the existing stock of properties more energy efficient and in changing the way we build new properties.    The need is certainly there … estimates that the built environment is responsible for 42% of annual global CO2 emissions.

So where to begin?  Today’s article from Construction Week shares some thoughts on how important it will be to reconsider all aspects of new builds — design, construction processes and materials — as we construct new factories, commercial buildings, condominiums, hotels, theatres, baseball stadiums, convention centres, and everything else.  The piece suggests that green(er) buildings could reduce energy consumption by 20-30% and water usage by 30-50%.  That’s real money in peoples’ pockets, and is clearly worth learning more about.

The specific references in the article are to India, but the concepts are applicable everywhere.  This is worth a read if you are not familiar with the carbon footprint of real property and the lucrative financial opportunities available within the solutions.

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