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What Do We Do?

Using a staged approach, we walk you through the process from start to finish and make sure you have systems in place to keep yourself current and effective.  We break down our work into six key areas:

1. Organizational Orientation
• What is ESG, and which areas of your business are most impacted?
• Who uses company ESG data, what do they use it for, and how can you better use it?

2. Defining Objectives & Setting Resource Commitments
• What do you hope to achieve – what does success look like?
• Which tasks can you manage internally, which do you need to outsource?

3. Data Gathering
• Who in the organization is going to be the point person? Who will assist? How are you going to gather ESG data?
• How frequently should the data be accumulated? Where should it be stored? How should it be secured?

4. Data Consolidation & Presentation
• How are you going to compile and share the information? Sustainability Reports, Annual Reports, Quarterly Reports, AIFs, press releases, conference calls, conferences, investor presentations, etc.
• How should you revise your corporate slide deck to include a discussion of your ESG efforts and achievements?

5. Internal & External Communication
• Who will take leadership on internal and external ESG communications – Talent Management, Investor Relations, dedicated Sustainability staff, the CFO, the CEO?

6. Process Review & Refinement
• How well is your ESG process working, are you achieving your objectives, or do you need to revise your approach?