About Us

ESG Performance Partners offers our clients guidance and best practices in gathering internal ESG data, employing ESG analysis, and producing impactful ESG reporting for their numerous and diverse stakeholders.

ESG can be confusing and frustrating.  But it doesn’t have to be.  We can help you navigate the maze.  We employ a staged approach to ESG implementation, moving organizations forward at a pace which is right for them.  We believe there are some simple building blocks which all companies can quickly and painlessly put in place to start them down the right path.  Once complete, we then partner with companies to craft an ESG strategy which is suitable for both their circumstances and budget.

Don’t fool yourself.  Having an ESG strategy matters – much more than you may think.  It is increasingly important to meet new demands for sustainability-related information.   You might be surprised who wants to see it … shareholders, bondholders, credit rating agencies, sustainability rating agencies, lenders, multiple levels of government, labour unions, community leaders, and so many more.

That said, we understand that your priority is building a successful business.  What you may not appreciate is that identifying and capturing the tangible value opportunities which ESG implementation offers can help you achieve that success.

Still not convinced?  Let us explain further.  There is no cost for an initial consultation meeting.